Step One: Schedule Your Appointment

Please call (510) 655-4888 to schedule your initial appointment with one of our Estate Planning attorneys.  Our main office is located in Oakland, California.  We have additional offices throughout the Bay Area, and would happy to meet closer to where you live. 

We know that some of our clients may have transportation issues or be more comfortable in their own home. If so, please let us know what would be most convenient for you.

Our Process

Step Two: Your Initial Appointment

At the Initial Appointment, we will review your documents and personal information. You will also get a chance to tell us about your family, priorities, goals, and dreams – things that are difficult on a form but are very important to designing the right solutions for you.

After we have gotten to know you better, we will educate you about the law and what would happen to your family and assets under your current plan if you become incapacitated or die. Finally, we will answer any questions you have about our firm, the planning process, or the law in general.

If you decide to hire us and we decide to take you on as a client, we will then design your estate plan.  This can be accomplished during the first meeting, or you can choose to set up an additional meeting.  We will ask you a number of questions that allow you to customize your plan to get exactly the protection you need.

Based on your answers to the questions, we will give you a firm, flat fee quote for our legal services. In the most general cases, we commonly work on a flat fee basis – so you will know the entire fee up front and will not be surprised by an unexpectedly high hourly-fee bill.

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Step Three: Drafting Your Documents

We will then move forward by drafting your documents.  We will mail you drafts of these documents so that you have a chance to review them with your family at your leisure.  We welcome you to make an appointment, either in person or by phone, to answer any questions you may have about your document drafts.  Of course, we will be happy to make any changes and corrections you may have at this time.

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Step Four: Finalization Appointment

Once your drafts are satisfactory, we will schedule a finalization appointment where you will review and sign the documents for your estate plan.  The documents will also be notarized by our in-house notary at this time. At this meeting, we will review your assets with you and verify that all of your asset transfers are moving forward. You will also have the opportunity to ask us any questions that you might have about funding your estate plan. The signing will take place 2-3 weeks after your plan is designed and should last about one to two hours.  We then scan your originals into our electronic document database so that you or your successor trustees will have access to your documents upon contacting us.

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Step Five: Our Maintenance Program

We invite you to schedule an appointment with us every three years (or more frequently, if there have been major changes in your life) to review your estate planning goals.  Finally, what truly sets us apart is that we are there to answer questions: today, tomorrow, and down the road.  We truly look forward to a life-long relationship with you and your family!

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Additional Services:

Hollander & Hollander, P.C. offers assistance in the estate closing process.  When a settlor of a trust passes away there are many steps required by law that the remaining trustee must take to close the estate. Other steps may be required according to terms of the trust itself. Some of these include: notification of beneficiaries and governmental agencies; preparation of accountings; inventory and appraisal; distribution including re-titling of assets and funding of sub-trusts; and filing of a final tax return. Our experienced attorneys will advise the trustee of the responsibilities in trust administration and oversee this process to assure that every step is accomplished as required by law and as required by the terms of the trust.

For more complex cases our services are generally based upon the value of the estate, or may proceed on an hourly basis.

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